Rice Milling Equipment

Rice Polisher
Model NL

Design by international renowned milling engineers it is effective in polishing all different varieties of rice in the world nowadays. The rice polisher maintain a constant current of air that keep the rice cool and enhances the separation of the bran. Compact unit.

Rubber Roll Rice Huller
Model Series FH

The transmission of power is done by tempered steel gears sealed in oil for longer durability. Rubber rolls can be changed quickly and easily.

Abrasive Whitening and
Models YRM-15 and YRM-30

An impeccable whitening and polishing is achieved with this equipment. The rotation of the abrasive milling cylinders again a screen cage fitted with rubber brakes rotating in the same direction but at different RPM accomplishes a gentle friction which in turn generates a smooth grain surface. Grains breakage is reduced to a minimum as a result of this clever cylinder and screens rotation design as well as the use a cooling air flow through the grain chamber.

Paddy Rice Separator
Model ASL-20 and ASL-24

An efficient separation of the Brown Rice from the Paddy is done, by this extraordinary equipment, from the mixture as it comes out of the Sheller. Minimum installation space, low power consumption, simple to operate, low maintenance costs and fabricated of structural steel are some of the advantages of this equipment. Capacities may vary between 2000 and 3400 Kgs/Hr according to model and type of grain.

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Automatic Paddy Husker
Models CArBH-10K and CArBH-10M

A revolutionary, efficient, simplified, and low breakage Paddy Husker which automatically controls the shelling pressure between the rollers providing a near constant shelling efficiency. Self contained cooling fans prevent the rollers from overheating. Capacities may vary between 2.5 and 5.5 Tons/Hour of Paddy according to type of Paddy and moisture.

One Pass Rice Mill

All the steeps of rice milling are accomplished with this equipment. That is, from Paddy to White Rice in a single unit. Capacities may range from 600 to 1000 Kg of Paddy per hour depending on Paddy variety.

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